Wednesday, April 25, 2007

PF Milestones - Online and Otherwise

I haven't got long to post here, so will limit it to highlights for the last 24 hours (isn't it cool when your gaming sublife develops at such a rate that such a short space of time is significant). Of course it relates again to Pacific Fighters (albeit, played Munchkins last night).

Firstly, I managed to land my plane on its wheels on the runway without causing damage. This was a milestone! I haven't repeated the exploit in the five or so missions I've flown since, but have at least got to the runway and almost into position before either crash landing or crashing. Problem seems to be coming in either too high or too fast.

Second, although I was shot down in dogfights last night, I was at least putting up a semblance of a show consistently, and was no easy mark to take down. Again, one of my assassins said after doing the deed that I'd really put him through the works before he could get me. A bit of a complement as this guy also is a top rated ace. I also got shots on target last night a couple of times, alas not enough to score a kill. Have also added a bit to my bombing tally on Norwegian server, putting me into the top 20 bomber pilots by result.

Finally, I went hunting and found a guide to the Full Mission Builder component of Pacific Fighters. Not only that, I have used it to construct a mission designed for landing training. The potential that this Mission Builder has to expand the game experience - allowing everything from single training missions to full on online co-op campaigns is awesome!

I have put a link to the Mission Builder tutorials on the sidebar of this blog.

Back to work tomorrow...

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