Wednesday, April 11, 2007

First online kill

Have flown again for about an hour or so. Same server, same location. I flew a Corsair (1944) this time, not too bad handling but a bit fragile in control surfaces. I had a crash due wing being shot off, and another when half my tail was shot off (I was able to get back to airfield but found it too difficult to hold her level as I came in).

Surprisingly, I obtained my first online kill. The flight began with me being chased for about 5 min by two spitfires. I survived, dodging clouds, using stall spins, ground level barrel rolls, the whole box and dice. This bought enough time for a fellow blue pilot, flying a spit, to come into the battlezone. He distracted the opposition (I'd had my tail shot off by this time). I decided to fly for home and try and land. As I swung around, a bandit rushed through my sites at say 150m. I let of a short burst (the only burst I've loosed in about 3 hours of flying). I thought I'd be lucky if I got him(although he did fly at the right distance for my convergence of fire angles). Five minutes later, just before I came in for my fatal attempt at landing, the R/T broadcast a victory for me. I'd obviously damaged him, and he crashed later over his own airfield.

As I did over mine.

Tally = about 8 flights, corsair. Shot down 7 times (bailed out 3). Crashed once. Kills: 1 Spitfire.

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