Thursday, April 12, 2007

Online Woes

Played PF online for about 90 minutes tonight. Wayne came on at almost the same time I did. He shot me done once. I think it was either as I was taking off or landing. I think I got shot down about 8 out of 8 times. It was really interesting neverthe less. I got to watch some fairly good pilots stalking newbie prey. Like myself but different.

Worst of all, the machine eventually crapped out on me, and didn't fix itself after trying to re-enter several times. So I had to terminate the session just as it was getting interesting. Over that 90 min, however, the online population went up from 2 to 8 at peak. Which was pretty exciting.

Adddictive, almost ...

Update: went back and was directed by another helpful player to a server with which I had no problems. It was over guadacanal. I flew Ki-84 jap plane. Never flown jap before. fairly steady platform. This server's (ie maddogs) online rules used all of the difficulty settings (ie engine management, no map icons - multiple missions). A bit intimidating to start but actually makes the whole thing more intuitive. Sadly, didn't have sufficient time to get into the campaign feel of this server before had to sign off as have to get up in the morning.

For the record, two more missions - one bomb strike against airfield (destroying a plane taking off), crashed once (too excited about my successful bomb run to notice the jungle coming up at me).

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