Thursday, April 19, 2007

PF Online Session 13

I had a few problems flying tonight after my long siesta. Couldn't seem to get up off the carrier at all where in the past I've done it without too much problems. Seemed to have real trouble taxing in a straight line, and if I found the end of the ship I seemed to dive from their straight into the sea. Jap or Brit plane, seemed to make no difference.

Then I went to land, hopped into a Mustang, and tried the usual dirt strip. Same problem (nose diving, this time, into the dirt before I'd managed to leave the ground). Even without 250 lb bombs. Hmmm.

So off I go to check out my controls. Joystick reading very poorly when pulled back. Recalibrate. Marginally better.

Go back Inworld. Take off of land strip in Mustang without bomb load. Manage to get airborne. Doesn't do me much good, shot down by Ki 86 after turning fight in which I didn't stand a chance at low speed and under 1000m. Try again. Similar result, although this time in a Ki 86 myself.


Sounds like I need to get a decent joystick.

Intercepted e-comm from one fustrated flyer to another

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