Friday, April 20, 2007

PF Online Sessions 15 & 16

I have just completed session 16, on the Phantom server over Hawaii for about 35 min. I entered the server when only one other player. He left almost immediately. I 'landed on the field'/crashed my mustang and picked up some bombs. Carrying these back to Pearl Harbour, I destroyed several fuel tanks before returning at under 100m. No good, I still fatally crashed. The problem seems to be that under 100m, plane wants to dive in if at low power.

Earlier this evening I flew about 90 min on Maddog. Again, one other flyer. We stayed online for entire time. In first flight, I took up a mustang and fairly quickly got shot up by him. It took him a long time to chase me down as I dodged back towards base. I was reliant on rudder and elevators only as aerlions were shot out. this guy was pretty good, eventually getting me. I flew another mission in Spitfire on opponent's advice. I did the online chats you can have whilst flying if there isn't a big furball dog fight happening. This fellow was from LA, and had flown about 1 yr with the CD before venturing online. I think we appreciated each other's sense of humour. He was flying bomber missions. I finally got on the tail of one of these missions. Got shot down by the tailgunner.

120 min, 3 mustang flights, 1 spitfire. Shot down once by zero, second by bomber tailgunner. Crashlanded once, crashed once.

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