Saturday, October 01, 2005

Current Projects - computer based

Well, I should maybe contribute something to this so that those who visit don't lose total faith in a 'dedicated gamer's' dedication. A place to start might be what projects are underway at present.

On the computer I've got a copy of Pandago, which allows me to play the ancient game of GO against an AI that seems to play well except it scores like shit (stopping the game once I've passed a couple of turns and counting all spaces as contested that contain an opposing colour, no matter how doomed that stone would be should the computer not have passed). The program apparently is also useable as a client on the IGS Go server on the web, which is a pretty serious place that I haven't been able to work out yet. But will someday.

Have always enjoyed playing Talonsoft's Campaign Series of games, particularly East Front II. Although aging, it's still as good a long term proposition for the keen tactical WWII wargaming buff as any game I've seen. Recently played the scenario 'Bukrin Bridge' to a victorious conclusion, first time in several attempts across the years.

Have discovered Cyberboard a while ago, which is a freely downloadable application with which one can design and use 'gameboxes', digital representations of traditional boardgames and their componentry, and then play against opponents on the web by email. Haven't yet participated in a game this way, as am still learning about the latest Beta version of the product. I am part way through designing a Gambox for 'Barbarian', a monster game produced by KP in the early nineties, based upon Avalon Hill's 'Ceasar's Legions', reproducing the military campaigns of the Western Roman Empire from about 50 BC to 300 AD. The maps cover from Gaul to Byzantium at 10 km per hex, amazing! It's taking a while because it's such a big game.