Saturday, May 05, 2007

Flight Update & Cricket Celebration

In the last 10 days I've probably flown nearly 20 hours. Nil kills (though have had guns on target several times). I have crashed far more often than I've been shot down, probably averaging 3 to 5 sorties per session. I have been flying P40 Ms. Now that Norwegian has gone from the PF lobby in Hyperlobby, almost all of these online jousting sessions have been over Hawaii (though last night flew over the Marianas for the first time). I have noticed a bit more 'vulching' recently - when 'vulchers' prey on planes taking off and landing (ie when least powerful and most vulnerable).

I have put maybe 10 hours into learning a bit about the Full Mission Builder, using the site linked in the sidebar. I am building small missions over Milne Bay, losely basing them on the historical experience of RAAF squadrons 75 and 76, flying Kittyhawks against Zeros and Vals, lots of ground and naval attacks. Milne Bay was the first time the Japanese were comprehensively beaten on land in WWII. It tends to be a bit overshadowed by the Kokoda legend. But that's another tale...

Have had a go trying to use the game to play online direct with Wayne. Not any luck, the client computer in the setup keeps 'timing out' instead of connecting. The computers are recognising each other, however, so I have tweaked a couple settings and maybe we'll have a bit more luck when we (hopefully) try again over the weekend.

Oh yeah - while talking about games I should say YIPEE for the Aussies winning the World Cup cricket (for the third consecutive time). And this after taking a clean sweep of the ashes test series against England over summer (first time in 80 years)! That is one awesome team, and as they retire one by one (Langer, Warne, McGrath, and the guy that just walked out saying he'd had enough after the first test [Damien Martin]) one gets the feeling it is the end of an era. Well done lads!


Anonymous said...

Keep flyin dude,
i hope to see you in the air sometime.


Pleader said...

We have met. I have an alterego. Nice to meet you in the broader expanse of cyberspace proper.