Monday, April 09, 2007

Online over Hawaii

Yeehah! At last have been in an online flying environment with Pacific Fighters. Seem to understand how it goes now (the basic protocols, not the flying as such). It was easier and harder than my usual - icons, unlimited fuel and ammo, but need to do takeoffs and landings to get the points. The second of these (ie landings) is something that I've had no need to do yet, having been shot down on each of the four or so missions I flew in where I didn't crash. Good fun. There are some good pilots out there - the last three times I was shot down by the same player on the other side.

Perhaps I'll keep a bit of log for this over time, starting now.

Tonight I flew about three missions over Iwo Jima - no real success or failure. Beaufighters - just learning basic game system. Then I flew maybe five or six over Hawaii, initially in a Kittyhawk P40 E - but then upgraded to a Spitfire VIII as that's what most of the other allied players were piloting. In each case, I took off from the rearmost airport and gained altitude asap. Never got a shot off in anger, and never saw any of the one's that got me. I think I'll have to start tagging along as wing man to a more experienced pilot next time and see how I go.

Thanks Wayne.

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