Sunday, July 20, 2008

And more games

I visited the 'Hi Tech' fair at Wayville showgrounds last weekend. It was like it was hidden away in the back room of the shed of the 'Home Improvement Show' which dominated all the pavilions. But we eventually found Geek Corner. In Geek Corner was a big table with lots of greatly reduced comp games (ie $5 each). I couldn't help myself and got four games Diplomacy (after the board game), Panzers (Platinum - real time C&C type interface, WWII armour tactical), Merchant Prince II (Trading and discovery turn based strategy game of renaissance treachery and patronage) and Great Invasions (RTS mega game of dark ages 350 - 1066, military economic diplomatic and religious).

The last one has really sucked me in over the past week. The online reviews aren't very complimentary to it's understandibility or its documentation. The criticism is well justified. But the game appears well worth the effort to learn. I hope to pop up a brief review of the game in near future.

Renaissance Kingdoms continues to thrive by the way, have recently gone on an ingame tour of the scottish counties with a bunch of MacTavish kinfolk. Has been a great gaming and social experience. More on this also, soon.

I hope.