Sunday, April 15, 2007

PF Online Sessions 8 and 9

Session 8: Played Pacific Fighter online last night for about 2 hours. I flew Japanese planes over Iwo Jima. Not very successful. I think there were about 5 times I got shot down. No shots off on others. Full difficulty levels.

Session 9: Probably my most satisfying session yet, even if it didn't reach the peak heights of enjoyment which were reached in previous sessions. Again, Norwegian Server. 2 hours. Six flights. Shot down twice, crash land 3 times, AA once. All my missions were flying Ki 84 with 2x 100lb bombs on sneak raids against US air base on Ford Island in the middle of Pearl Harbour. I got bombs on target four times, on one occassion destroying about four planes and some AA on the ground (was pursued and shot down by spitfire). Good fun doing the sneak raids, but I got the impression that the bandits cottoned onto the concept that someone was setting themselves the task of sneaking in with bombs after my second strike. I think they appreciated it. I used the session for bombing and landing practice.

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