Thursday, April 19, 2007

PF Online Session 14

The skies over the Pacific were almost free of bandits today. Tried to fly off of allied carrier just off of Iwo Jima, but for the life of me couldn't get a plane into the air. After a couple of tries, I switched to flying a Mustang off of the island, trying to sink the carrier. Not even a near miss. Crashed on landing. The trouble with 'unlimited ammo' in the settings on Nemesis server is that you are always carrying nasty bombs when you come into land. I flew a couple more missions with jpg, him flying a A20 low and me as top cover. I only got one burst off, I'd been shot down by AA before the bandit crashed on landing. This was after maybe a 5 min dogfight in which we each got a piece of each other, but he was generally on my tail. Wayne joined the game, we decided to change servers.

Went over to Maddog, where we flew off of the land over Guadacanal against enemy bomber base. Difficulty on almost full settings. I got some tarmac hits with my bombs and blew up the barrage baloon, but ran out of fuel on return journey and crash landed on the beach. On next flight, returned to base and 'landed safe and sound', even though the plane crashlanded with its usual force. Only time I saw an enemy plane was as I was taking off once, and then again as swooped over the bomber base and arrived only shortly after a B25 took off.

So, mixed but still poor results in ground attacks over about 4 missions. Around four missions in air cover role, no contacts. Total time, about 1 1/2 hours. GA Missions: 2XMustang v carrier, 2xKi86 v airbase. Air Missions: ditto.

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