Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Sorry for neglecting this blog for awhile. I'll try and remedy that. Have gotten too far into Renaissance Scotland online to pull back easily, though am disentangling slowly from it.

I have had a couple interesting things happen in my (non)gaming life in the last 24 hours. First, I tried to log onto the Ogame to reinvigorate the stellar empire I was building so assiduously in the not too distant past. I'd read the 'rules' and thought therefore that I was safe in leaving it awhile. Went back to log on. They'd changed the rules. My nascent empire had dissappeared.

Lucky I'm so into Renaissance Kingdoms at the moment that I didn't go into depression...

And for some strange reason, I think I'm going to be playing a game or two of Magic the Gathering this weekend. In past, hadn't enjoyed. But that's a long time ago, so will try and get rid of the sour taste and play it as a social occasion this time.

That may be a bit of a challenge against some keen teens (and forty somethings).