Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Newbie Battles

Flew online again over Hawaii for about an hour tonight. This time, had only one opponent for most of the time. He shot me down three times, I didn't get a shot off. At least I saw it coming this time. First time up I flew a spitfire VIII but found it a bit jumpy. Opponent flying same type of plane. Then I switched to my old and trusted P40 E. Bad move, although I lined him up twice for an approach run, his superior speed and climb rates soon had him gunning up my tail. By the time I could shake him, damage done and he only had to come back to finish it off.

I did finally get the messenger system working properly, so was able to talk with opponent a bit. He said he was a Newbie as well. If so, I'd say with not a lot more flying experience than I have. He's part of VF101 - an online squadron that takes it all a bit seriously (training sessions, flight formations, total realism missions). I like the concept. There's another mob out there called the Wedge Tailed Eagles, based here in Australia which would make it a bit easier to keep up with folk in real time (a necessary thing to do if playing in real time online).

The Wedgetails play with IL46 however, so I'll have to save a few scheckles and get into it...

Until then, I hope to put in at least an hour each night online at hyperlobby to get the feel of nasty competitive kill or be killed flying.

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