Wednesday, April 18, 2007

PF Online Sessions 11 & 12

Session 11 was last night. Was online around three hours. Started with no-one else active, thought I'd practice takeoffs and landings. Within a short time there were three others there. Not extremely active night. Soon there was only one other. A Kiwi. He knew how to fly. I took up a P47D and we flew around Hawaii, him on my tail and busy chatting away. He knew someone who knew someone who'd flown a Thunderbolt. Old bloke is apparently in his eighties, enjoys Pacific Fighters. Reckons the real thing was easier to fly than in the sim.

Anyway, my anzac sim partner respawns with a 'Val' Divebomber, bright yellow (to make a nice target for my lumbering beast) and we had a wee dogfight. He shot me down. And that was that.

Session 12 (tonight) - flying initially on Norwegian Server over a night time Hawaii. Hardly saw anyone, though was shot down once by an unknown plane. Wayne was online for awhile here. He got blown up by AA. As did I twice. I then changed servers to Maddog, who tonight featured the Marianas Islands, with a dogfight over Guam where B29 Superfortresses and B17 Flying Fortresses are available to the allied players. I flew my regular Ki 86 and crashed on take off twice, was shot down by Mustang once and B29 once.

If it wasn't so relaxing going for a fly, I'd probably give up the game as way difficult to do well.


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