Saturday, April 14, 2007

PF Online session 7

Flew this morning over Japan. Norwegian Server. Full blown options in this game (ie all the difficulty settings are 'high'). Intimidating, but that's where the action was. About 6 planes when I started, 15 when I finished about 2 hours later. Some very good pilots, and some of them hunt in packs. I suspect that that is because they fly together in an online squadron when they aren't playing general dogfights.

Being the neophyte, I got shot down pretty quick a couple of times. So I did a couple of bombing missions. This meant that I avoided the dogfight area, and skirted the coast with my map reading before setting course to hit the US airfield. I got through the flak once, only to be shot up by a spitfire who'd just beaten my bomb on takeoff. I tried to kamikaze my shot up crate into an AA ship, but narrowly missed. The guy who shot me got a bit of a chuckle out of it.

The second bomb run was not so successful(?). I had another spit ambush me, and my bomb blew up with me attached. That was enough for this session.I was getting the hang of the planes and the map this mission. I still have to learn how to get better value out of my plane in the dogfight. Will return later tonight probably.

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