Tuesday, April 24, 2007

PF Online Sessions 17 - 20

In the last couple days have put in four very solid sessions of Pacific Fighters.

Session 17 - Sunday Morning - flew a couple hours on Norwegian Server, great map of small part of Gilbert Islands (?) in late war. Flew several missions with bomb loaded Mustangs. No significant damage to japs. Believe I crashed twice, after getting out of two dogfights to save my even newbier colleague.

Session 18 - Sunday Night - flew Norwegian again. This map, over Hawaii and dogfighting most of the way. No real shots off, shot down several times. Again, Mustang.

Session 19 - Monday Arvo - flew Norwegian. Hawaii. Night time. P40 M. Several bombing runs through empty skies. Destroyed several planes on the ground. Crash landed on all but last mission, when ambushed and shot down. Never saw it coming.

Session 20 - Monday Night - (a) Phoenix server. Hawaii. Gnarly dogfights on low difficulty. Wayne was online also. Good fun. Neither of us shot the other down. I got a couple opponents, but in each instance shot down before could claim kills. (b) Maddog server. Hawaii. Very gnarly dogfight on almost full difficulty. Again, put shots on target several times but got taken out myself before landing attempt possible. Mainly P40M. Brutal game.

Norwegian server keeps its stats sheets online, which is really interesting to review. I've flown about 8 and a half hours on it so far.

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