Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pacific Fighters Online Session 10

Just completed an hour and a half on Maddog server over Okinawa, flying my 'Frank' Ki 84 with 2x250 lb bombs on it against a destroyer coming down the strait between the main island and the american island base a short flight to the West. There were some vicious dogfights in sky nearby, with upto 6 other pilots going for it. I used cloud cover to mask my approach (the only time I didn't was the only time I was shot down by an enemy fighter) and dove in on the ship before releasing my load and heading for home. I was badly wounded by AA from the ships once, chased into the sea by enemy fighter another time, shot down once and crashlanded twice. That's a total of 5 flights.

I dropped my bombs each time, the closest was the first (which was my lowest gliding approach run), which would have washed the deck of the ship. The other bomb runs would have each been within a couple hundred metres. Will get better.

I was being chased back by an enemy fighter on the mission that I ultimately crashed into the sea. He had wounded my pilot and damaged my plane. I was limping home, dodging his bullets (he wasn't a cold and clinical killer, kept overshooting me). Then, when things looked desparate I saw beneath me one of my colleagues with an enemy intent on his tail. I looped down behind the harrassing enemy, my own opponent still behind me, and loosed off a two second burst from about 250m. Too far. Don't think I hit him. I did, however, distract him from my ally and allow him to get away.

I should practice my landings.

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