Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tech and Teamspeak

I've been making a few recent alterations to this Blog. They are of the nature that most readers won't have had cause to notice them as they haven't affected the overall appearance.

1 I have gone and reviewed comments - came across one from Wandalen on my Online Squadrons page, this necessitated some edit efforts on that page to correct things. Have also most recendly added a link on the page to the RCAF site - a most particularly user friendly look into what's involved in online flying with lots of easily found links to useful resources.

2 I have set the time to the correct time and date here in Adelaide.

3 Have continued (and will continue) to update the various panels on the sidebar on the left of screen on this blog.

For example, you might note that I've put a link to Teamspeak in my 'Flight Sims' links section. Most squadrons and servers use this application, but the RCAF site made it downright easy to actually get hold of. If you download the client, you have all you need to log in to real time voice connections whilst flying online (amongst other uses). Not sure yet if this costs anything via our ISP, the software is free - and we already have a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) headset to use.

Anyway, very keen, I've been onto a few servers via hyperlobby - even though I'm flying strange russian planes and my skills aren't upto it even in a familiar plane! - just to try out the Teamspeak. I've been able to hear online chatter, even people asking me why they can't hear me, but haven't yet been able to be heard.

At least I know it works.

Now I've got to get it to work for me!

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