Thursday, June 14, 2007


I've had nearly a week away from work at present. Sadly, haven't done much in the way of 'recreational pursuits' beyond sleeping and a bit of reading. And this with the Il 46 installed! I am, however, also recovering from a fairly nasty head cold and enjoying the wintry coolness which is as cold as Adelaide gets. (Still feels bloody cold though!)

I've been checking out what is contained in Il 46. The game engine etc is pretty well identical to that of Pacific Fighters. What is awsome about it is the fact that there are now literally hundreds of types of aircraft that can be flown over dozens of geographical areas, and the online pool of players at hyperlobby seems to be never less than a couple score playing, with hundreds regularly flying. Thus, Il 46 has a far greater scale in terms of gaming opportunities than did Pacific Fighters.

I wonder if the game has reached its peak, with the only WWII type development to go being 'niche' activities (eg. Battle of Brittain product recently released (?) - though I DO like the cloud, climate and weather engines that feature in this game)?

Anyway, it's about 2.30 am on thursday 14 June as I write this so I will 'hang up my dice' for a little while and see what tomorrow brings.

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