Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Talking Online

I have now got the TeamSpeak system running on this computer. That means that I can hook up with other users of Teamspeak online, one by one or in groups, and talk away to heart's content over the internet. Don't think it costs anything. No doubt, the conversations will be analysed to some degree as they occur, and they don't have the immediacy of a phone (they 'lag' a bit), but sure is cool.

Of particular coolness is the added dimension that realtime talk adds to online fling with other hardy souls. Wayne and I hooked up over Hawaii last night on the Phantom (Pacific Fighters) server. It was pretty excellent to further immerse in the online soup. The intriguing thing now is to learn how to use these comm's to best effect.

The capability will probably increase the speed of learning the finer points of the art of flying.

I hope.

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