Tuesday, June 12, 2007

IL 46 Arrives!

While I flew to Melbourne for a few days at the start of my week and a half holiday from work, my darling wife went and got me a copy of Il 46. How absolutely lucky am I to have a wife like her!

I've loaded the single DVD disk, patched it with the one required patch, glanced at the huge range of planes I can now fly over the incredibly varied landscapes available (basically, all of WWII and more). I will shortly go onto one of the big mashup online dogfights which seem to occur 24/7 over at Hyperlobby (under the 'Forgotten Battles' game listing).

If you're wandering, IL46 is a combination of my beloved Pacific Fighters game with those that preceded it together with their expansions. In other words, a WWII flightsim paradise!

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