Friday, June 22, 2007

Australian Skies

I have just flown on the 'Australian Skies' server, between 16 and 18 planes flying almost full real version of '46. I flew two sorties in about an hour. Got shot down both times, without causing any damage to either air or ground targets of which I'm aware. Flew P-40C Kittyhawk, generally against Ki43a ('Tony'(?)). At various times I got guns on target in the air, and managed to drop a bomb on an (empty) airfield.

Most of my fellow pilots, on both sides, were australians. They were all quite serious, however, there being none of the usual banter I so enjoy. Perhaps that's because there were so few americans (like, one)? It's funny, as I'd just been telling my wife how my countrymen seem to shoot you down as soon as look at you, no matter what your skill level, while those from other nations will be more willing to offer a bit of advice before the coup de grace. Then, I hop on this server for the first time and notice that 'vulching' (strafing planes on or near the ground) is expressly permitted on this server - it is banned on most others. Mercy is discouraged on this server.

To make up for this, though, it is a fun server because it leaves you to try and construct missions within the parameters of the server's scenario - with achievable victory conditions for both axis and allied. When either side reaches its victory condition, the server reboots with another map and mission. The two scenarios I saw appeared to be fairly historical and intelligently put together.

My only gripe wasn't against the server or the pilots I flew with and against (many of whom belong to the Wedge Tailed Eagles online squadron). Rather, it was against the pilot 609_Jericho, he was a 'friendly' who shot at me as I went to bomb enemy airfield and then proceeded to hunt me down. I noticed that his kill previously had also been against a 'team mate'. This is very fustrating. A server message encourages to report 'team killers' to the server. I am waiting to receive my registration, and will report this player when I do so. Hope he gets banned.

Cruel server indeed...

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