Saturday, June 16, 2007

Whilst driving across the hills today I came across a - Aviation Museum!

Well, yesterday's 'tomorrow' brought a lovely day today! Got up feeling the best I've felt for a couple weeks (been fighting a headcold), and it was a nice sunny winters day. So I went for a drive in the country, up to the town of Riverton in the 'midnorth', back through the Barossa Valley. (Click here for a photo taken near where I was today (It was a lot greener today than is shown in the link)). We had some friends over home for tea in the evening. A really nice kind of day. And, as a bonus, there were a couple of things that occurred that had to do with my gaming gene.

Firstly, I was taking a dirt track 'shortcut' between two highways across a ridge of hills when I came across an aviation museum! Fascinating, the guy lives just north of the town of Greenock, renovates and models planes. Everything from 1400 scale models (most being 1:72 scale) through displayed engines (such as a merlin, and an anson), numerous cockpit assemblies, a couple of aircraft in various degrees of renovation (of which a De Haviland Mosquito was probably most impressive), a complete Vampire jet trainer - and, outside, a Canberra bomber and mocked up P51D mustang. As you might imagine, I was fascinated.

Secondly, four of us played a game of Guillotine after tea tonight. The couple who visited aren't gamers, but took to the spirit of this simple but entertaining card game. The women won after three days of headchopping, the difference between them and their men basically being that they'd taken the king and marie antoinett's heads (one each). The goal is, obviously, to collect the most valuable heads over three rounds/'days'. Vive la revolucion!

I got photos of both the aviation museum and the cardgame, will post sometime soon.

For now, I'm off for a latenight flight over russia!

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