Saturday, April 21, 2007

Online Squadrons

Here is a list of some online squadron sites. Over a time I'll be adding to the following list (also editing and deleting as required). The page is referenced from the 'Flight Sims' links section on my sidebar. My favorite server is Norwegian Server, one of the more challenging servers you can get into via Hyperlobby (download the 'client' to get started).

RAF 662 (Big Group of Squads, 'Golf Squadron' is mainly Austalian)
Rogue Squadron (home of several servers and squad's - vibrant)
RACF - FB (comprehensive)
The Real Aussie Airforce
VF 101
Wedgetailed Eagles
JG 77
Air Group 51
No 76 RAAF Squadron


Wandalen said...

Hi m8! I just looked et your nice blog site, very nice job. But i will like to correct you a bit regarding the Norwegian server.
The Norwegian server got nothing to do with the VF101 clan. You are close to the fackt but not quiet. I Wandalen is a EX VF101, there are many VF101 members using the server so i know its easy to missunderstand this. And I Wandalen is the owner of the domain
And also hosting their forum. Well they are a honor full sqad with nice pilots, so i still let them use my servers for theyr sqad webpage :) And on your sqadron link page you got the VF101 Grim Reapers link to a page called Pappys hed qarters, a page full of sound files and new beginners flash annimations. This is not the home of the VF101 Clan ! he has done this only to confuse other players the last 2 years. even if he claims it its not the home of the VF101. the correct link is .
The Norwegian server has 2 servers running one of them is on full realism settings all the time.
And the servers also got a forum ! this is not a clan its only a forum where friends and pilots are meeting to disscus things about the server and game regardless if the pilot is in a clan or not ;)
Hope you get the Sturmovik 1946 soon mate! i realy like your type of view to the game.

Kind Regards

Adelaide Gamer said...

Thanks for the feedback and the information. I like what you're doing with your servers. I have corrected the address to VF101. I noticed some politics with them early in the piece. Have now got 46, the passage continues... 06/07