Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Whole New World of Gaming

I might as well keep this going, anyone who reads the previous posts will thus be able to have an inkling about how I think during a game (if they can follow what I wrote). But I'm going to change the context, and thus the content, of this blog.

This site is now going to broaden its horizons to my experience of gaming in general. Thus, there will be a fair bit about tabletop wargaming with miniatures, the strategy classic of GO, boardgames (generally Avalon Hill games such as Civilization), cardgames (from Illuminati! to The Great Dalmutti to Gang of Four to Hypotheticals, 500 and Trumps), maybe computer games (so you know what I'm upto) and the hobby of gaming in general.

That's a pretty wide call, I guess it shows how much I enjoy games.