Sunday, September 28, 2008

Online Peasant

My Tribal Nations character, Agapanther continues to develop in the Aztec milleux. Is now a bean farmer, works at the mines when he's not on his farm, spends maybe an hour a week in the pubs (well, maybe two). Not hypo about this game like I have grown to be about Renaissance Kingdoms, but doing nicely thankyou very much. Once I get my first harvest in I'll be able to start thinking about my stats. Unlike my guy in RK I think I'll not waste too much time in the level up process (but not be manic about it).

Just for interest's sake, here's a copy of my avatar from the TN forums:

I made the image from some snaps I'd taken of a grandchild's plaster fun house creation (a rainbow coloured plaster skull). Just played with Brightness and contrast, touched the 'hue'.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tribal Nations

You'll know that I really really like playing my clan chief blacksmith soldier character in Renaissance Kingdoms. In fact, it regularly swallows large chunks of my life. And at times the thin line blurs between my game persona and my 'real self'.

Well. There's a new game release which has grabbed my attention, Tribal Nations (TN). It's the same game code/system, presumably under license, except its set in the Pre-Columban Americas of the 15th Century. It's been going only about a week and at the moment there's maybe 3000 players in three 'clans' (villages) in one province of the Aztec Empire. It will eventually grow to cover the continents from the bottom end of modern USA to the top end of South America. It seems most of the players have come over from RK, most of them playing an 'alter ego character' in TN.

I was put onto it by one of my clan members from RK and have just started. My aim will be to be a speed eating five minute ingame only player for as long as I can. And then try out the dark side of the system. Should make a nice counterpart to my RK life (which just grows more politically convuluted every day it seems).

Anyway, if you want to check it all out and get in on the ground floor, sign up today...

Added link to Online Campaigns on the sidebar

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

I was passing through Gametraders (2nd hand computer game chain store) the other week when came across the next gen of the Ghost Recon first person shooter game stable. It was only $20 so I got it. I have enjoyed Ghost Recon since it first came out (way back early this decade). I've previously picked up the two expansions of the original GR. I haven't competed them, however, as other games took my time up in the meantime. I knew that this Advance Warfighter was out there, but had never seen it before.

Needless to say, I was quite looking forward to having a look.

Love it. Same old scenario based style of play from the original game, with each scenario having various sub objectives as you work your way through it. The first introductory mission is set in Guatemala City, a dense urban environment with nests of rebel snipers and sentries keeping the streets unsafe as you collect your scattered team and then try and complete your mission.

Very tense most of the time, great soundtrack. Your team is composed of three other soldiers which you can command through your HUD (Head Up Display) gear, much like the real thing in the digital battlespace of the 21st century.

I still haven't completed the first mission after over 10 hours of playing. Great Fun.