Friday, January 19, 2007


We're going through a warm summer at the moment, with long evenings and lots of time lounging around on balcony, under pergola or in pool. I've lost the only game I've had much of an inclination to play in the last month (Pacific Fighters, dogfight computer game) so there hasn't been much to do with gaming going on.

I had however thought of beginning to get things prepared to put on maybe a series of three Spanish Civil War games this coming autumn, snapshots based on the Guadalahara battles. Battle 1 would feature the Italian CTV attack through the wooded hills, battle 2 would feature the stalemate reached as the Internationals first block and then start probing the Nationalists, battle 3 would feature the Republican counter attack.

One thing I've been upto recently which will have some influence on future games is read some legal history stuff set set through the times of the English Civil War and the Protectorate. It's reignited my interest in the period again, perhaps I'll start doing something like a 'house divided' campaign (thinking if it could transact over the internet at strategic, operational and political levels, with simple DBM style battles played out at will when required).

We'll see...

Monday, January 01, 2007