Thursday, March 10, 2011

Resuming life

Hi, back again after an extended break. Not sure why that happened, but such is life and life has been busy. I still kept going with my MMPORGs, particularly Renaissance (in which time I became a grumpy highland rebel chief, hung for treasonous activity purely due my leadership role, and an even grumpier post rebellion highland chief as the admin and the ingame rulers together conspired to take the fun out of the game), had a look at some online games, had a few games of cards, and played a lot of The Operational Art of War III (playing the partisans, about 90 turns into the 400 turn Yugoslavia 1941-45 scenario), read a lot of books, found a new game shop, and had an abortive attempt to be interviewed on a gaming podcasting site (when i get a microphone that works AND if they have me back again, I'll post up details here).

And that's the longest post I've done in ages. I'll put in a few details in near future.