Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well. It's been awhile since I last posted again. Beginning to sound like a broken record. What's kept me so occupied? You guessed it, Renaissance Kingdoms strikes again.

I have swept ahead with my character, levelled up to become a level 2 blacksmith, spend my online day making axes swords and knives, trading on the market, chatting in the pubs, posting on the forums. The clan has grown to about 40 members, and is getting involved in most aspects of scottish life. In politics, am participating in national debate about draft constitution. Militarily, continue to take my monthly patrol with the Royal Scottish Army. Culturally, run a couple of threads on the forum at village level, moderate the clan forum, am setting up a national guild of scottish blacksmiths. Still raising pigs. Good fun.

In the bigger picture (if there is such a thing) I have started to play East Front II online again, at a much reduced rate of turn exchange with my old opponent "Red 1". I'm probably only flying once a month on IL2, but am no doubt going to take off again shortly.

In miniatures, we have cleared a room enough that it becomes feasible to think about setting up the table for the first time in this house (we moved here 18 months ago!). I'll also be able to seal off that part of the house from the smell with painting figures and scenery, which is good to know with winter coming on. I have inherited a small box of scenic accessories for 6mm from an old gaming buddy. I was selected as the most likely to use them.

Age doth take us all.

Will futher update as appropriate. Hopefully not so long between posts...