Sunday, December 18, 2005

Playing Scipio

The gaming experience is still principally that of Playing Rome:Total War. Current campaign is short one, with me as Scipio. I have just got to the Marian revolution, when the roman army converts from its three line organisation to that of legionairres. Am enjoying doing several hours a week, at my own pace. This game has been going since late October.

The miniatures project remains in a hiatus, really a case of finding time and motivation for next step - getting green beize table together. There's also model painting when I get some undercoat. I had hoped to get some more models to round out my armies when we are off to Melbourne over christmas, but 'Eureka Miniatures' is closed for the time we are there. Oh well, will have to get something organised in the new year.

Played one 'proper' three player game of UNO this month, I was the first to 500 against Nancy and Paul, coming from behind.