Monday, December 31, 2012

Still Gaming!

It's been almost a year since last post.  In that time I have had a busy life with not enough gaming to keep the beast in me satisfied.  A lot of what gaming I have done has been online, World of Tanks.  That's on the backburner a little bit now, though I still like taking my PzIV for a bit of a spin.

About a month ago I did manage to get in my first ever game of Agricola.  If you don't know, it's another Eurogame with lots of bright colours, non combative themes, wooden counters and elegant rules.  Agricola is latin for 'farmer', and the idea is to be the best farmer at the end of fourteen turns.  Players are judged by family size, house size and construction, herd and crop sizes, as well as farm improvements.  I managed to win (30pts), with Julie a narrow second (27), then Nancy (20) and Tony (17).  I've given our copy of the game away for xmas, but will soon get another as it got the thumbs up from all concerned.  Here's a pic from the end of the game:

A hard evening's farming in Agricola.

We gave several games for Xmas, including a copies of Billionaire and Treasure Island to my nephews.  In return, I picked up a copy of Conditierre - a card based bidding game themed around the Renaissance Italian Wars.  I hope to get a couple games in after New Year.

Speaking of the Renaissance, I have brought my character back to a (lower) level of activity in Renaissance Kingdoms.  I'll be posting on the experience in future, but I'll say here that is was kinda nice to stretch my alter ego's legs after over a year of inactivity (just enough to stop him being eradicated).  I am so glad I kept him because now he can be older and wiser.

Finally, my most excellent missus has finally gotten around to clearing out another room in our house for my use in gaming and modelling.  This was needful as the last attempt at doing this was promptly followed by a stream of visitors that hasn't stopped who all use the 'spare' room.  The kids might miss their 'toy room', but I think I'll be able to convince them that it's a fair trade if I get space to model and game.

Anyways, sorry to be away so long.  Glad to see that my blogging comrades have kept up the good fight in my absence.  And, Adelaide Gamer wishes you all a brilliant New Year and many good dice rolls in the one that will follow!