Tuesday, February 15, 2005

1344 Update

Quite awhile has passed since my last post. Sorry.

My outward position is much the same, territory from Jerusalem to Trebizond and Angora. Hungary controls Smyrna, Nicea and Miletus. Bavarian army in Bythnia. Byzantine in Byzantium, has almost reconquored the balkans and greek mainland. Horde now only has small force left in Achea. Venice has fallen to Bavaria. Castile has been eradicated. Poland and Bavaria had to counterclaim to prevent English victory last season.

Horde has done well to survive so far. If he had done just a little more damage to Bavaria/Poland, English would have won and the Khan have survived. Sadly, he is now at the mercy of the Byzantine.

Bavaria has sunk my fleet (again), but we might be able to reach an agreement as he wishes to pursue the English.

Castile collapsed very quickly after he attacked England. His division of forces to keep a presence in the East must have really disadvantaged him. I am pleased to say that he came unstuck at least partly due to my urgings. He was too arrogant for my liking - overly confident and demanding. At least his troops died in a good cause (screening my and the Hungarian's forces). Georgio of Hungary might end up surviving. That would be good.

As long as the game ends soon, I will survive in fourth place. Very honourable. My fear is that the greedy Bavarian and Pole will try and get all the victory points they can and prolong the game to allow this, should they knock out England in the next season or two. That would be sad. If that is the case, I will attempt to keep going as long as possible to make them pay for it...