Friday, December 22, 2006

My Rant about Big Brother on Blogger

To see what I think about big brother on blogger, click here.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Continuing Roman Influences

The Senate, (Simon - Iron Mitten)
There's a bit of Rome going on in my life at present. The above drawing is one of the series of illustrations by Simon over at Iron Mitten. I've characterised the fellow who is lecturing his colleagues as Lucius Plaudicus, someone whose character is similar to Cato (though not as asetic). The campaign behind Simon's blog looks like a good set up. Worth regular visits (which is why it's on my 'links' section).
Other bits of Rome intruding on my daily life at present are the continuing saga of Rome:Total War. I am still playing Scipio, and it is now about 203 bc. I have despatched Carthage and Numidia, and am presently at serious war with Pontus in the asian peninsula. Not an easy game, all my leaders becoming aged and all my cities having steadily declining levels of public order.
Which brings me to the last big roman incfluence at present - the tele series 'Rome' on chanel 9. I watched my first episode last night, which is when Caesar has bribed the auger to pronounce his actions as 'Dictator' (spending the whole treasury of the city in a manner to further his popularity with the people and his control over the machinery of government) wholesome, as well as his marching with his army into the city (something that went against the ancient custom keeping the military away from the city). I liked what I saw, but doubt it would make much sense to someone who isn't up on their roman history (I got much of mine from Colleen McCulloch's series of Rome books) or who hasn't watched it religiously from the first episode.