Saturday, May 19, 2007

4th PF Mission

I have developed a fourth mission in my PF Milne Bay Campaign - Aug 11 - three flights of kittyhawks scramble to head off incoming squadron of zeros and several Kate bombers.

This one took awhile to create. The allied airfields are becoming increasingly populated with tents, buildings and equipment and there is now a chain of radar stations along the the north coast. But, although it took awhile to do this, the bulk of my time was spent sorting out the actual planes.

I was basing it on actual events, when 12 zeros came in and were met by about 22 kittyhawks. I found if I organised it that way it was way too easy for the allies to knock down all the zeros. So I cut back the number of Kittyhawks. Now, the player's side is more likely to lose than win unless rapid and effective action is taken against the first flight of zeros, barrelling in on the airfields with their little 60 kg bombs.

Initially I had problems with the zeros dropping their load over the ocean and engaging the allied planes in a massive furball dogfight. That still happens with flights 2 and 3 of the zero, but I have made the lead flight come through low and early so that it won't react to the player's flight unless the player squarely locates and attacks them first.

I added the bombers, coming in 20 min after the zeros are scheduled, so that just when you think it's over there's another serious threat.

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