Sunday, May 13, 2007

3 PF Missions

I have been busy today. I somehow managed to find time to do a few things around the house while I rectified my first two Pacific Fighters scenarios (to make them 'historical', though the RNZAF Buffalo in the July 24 Mission is a flight of Anzac wargaming fancy). I also wrote a third mission, based upon the first air raid experienced on Gurney Field in the campaign (Aug 4). By the next scenario (Aug 7), radar will be operational - allowing a 20 v 12 P40 v Zero dogfight. It will be interesting to see how far I can push the amazing Full Mission Builder within the game engine.

Here's a flavour of what I've done so far:

July 24, 1942. Dusk. Brewster Buffalo scrambles from Gurney Field to catch high flying 'Emily' Recce plane.
July 26, 1600 hours. 2 P40 Kittyhawks head off to ambush 'Emily' over northern islands. Prowling Zeros.
Aug 4, 1630 hours. Patrol of Kittyhawks diverted to protect Gurney from raiding 'Val' divebomber plus zeros.

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