Saturday, May 12, 2007

Milne Bay Campaign Update

I have now completed creating the second scenario in my series of Pacific Fighters missions set over Milne Bay (New Guinea) in 1942. In this mission the idea is to scramble in a Brewster Buffalo at dusk and try to catch a nosey high flying Japanese recce plane. Not easy to do without getting one's engine (at least) shot out. I have managed to do it, but had to crash land in a clearing in the jungle to survive.

Upon reading the chapter on the battle in the Official History (WARNING - 2 MB download here if you click) of the campaign I realise I've got a few of the details wrong, but am tempted to keep on going as the next few missions will merge with the reality of the actual campaign from about the next mission (that which I have just completed is a 'prelude'). From here on in, my pilots will fly Kittyhawks.

It takes quite a while to create a mission, and even longer to test it out (flying it a number of times on 'auto' to see that the parameters work, and then doing it manually to get the 'feel' of it).

Immersing myself as I have over recent months inbooks about flying, airwarfare and new guinea jungle warfare I am amazed at what those men (generally) went through.

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