Thursday, May 10, 2007

Flight Update

Well. I've created the first mission of what will one day become my Milne Bay campaign. This mission combines an interception of Jap recce plane, and if the timing is right a dogfight with some raiding zeros over home airfield. I have flown it and managed to shoot down all three zeros (2 rookie, 1 veteran), followed by the inevitable crash landing on my own runway in the late afternoon. My flight leader took out the Recce plane. Good fun and engrossing.

Next mission will be a scramble to engage a raiding divebomber and its escort in the dusk. The one after that will be a search for, and the one after the bombing of, troop transports with invasion force bound for coast north of Milne Bay. After that, I'll be into the campaign proper as it has become known. All these scenarios are based upon air engagements by RAAF 75 and 76 squadrons.

My online experience has tailed off a bit at present - I was taking too many hits and not getting any of my own on target and even my generally robust ego was taking a battering as a result. I still pop on for an hour or two every few nights though, and my flying is improving.

Was nice to hear from you Linus, we have met online and I am Xenophonic.

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