Saturday, April 18, 2009

Real Game! Tigris & Euphrates!

Had a cool game of Tigris and Euphrates last weekend. It's been over a year since Nancy and I had last played it, Wayne had never played it. We were spending Easter in a big farmhouse up in the riverland and were at loose ends for something to do once wee Blake was in bed. I'd brought T&I (along with Caesar's Legions, while Nancy had brought along Pass the Pigs, Rook and Farque, and we had acquired Where's Wally Wordhunt from a Jumble Sale on Easter Saturday, so we were well equipped). So we fitted in a quick game.

The rules were easy enough to grab the second time around, and easy enough to explain to Wayne as we played. Considering neither myself or Nancy are fluent with this game, I don't think the noob suffered a disadvantage.

In any event, 'twas me came last, then Wayne, and Nancy won easily.

Paul was around this evening and noticed the game amongst the other things I haven't unpacked since our holiday weekend. Although we couldn't fit in a game straight away I'm sure that means we'll get one in over the next week or so.

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Anonymous said...

Noob heh, cheeky bugga. Least I'm not a wooden spoon noob.