Thursday, April 16, 2009

Demise of Blighty Clan

In my Crossfire world of online FPS I recently joined my first traditional 'clan' and was quite excited by it. The possibility of being able to develop alongside fellow players over time was (and is) one I found exciting. For about a month the Blighty Clan existed, utilising the official ingame Crossfire message board and clan page, it's original 'soldier front' site, and a new one at 'excision'.

I observed that none of them seemed to be well maintained. I was patient, these things happen to any long term site at times during its existence. I was pretty loyal however, joining games where I could where another blighty member was playing, collecting experience points, getting better, keeping an eye on the forums/sites for activity.

And then, yesterday, I looked at the 'my clan' page to be informed that I am no longer in a clan. Checking the clan page, I discover that Blighty Clan has been shut down and everyone except the founder and his sidekick have been booted. From the wording of the 'farewell' message it seems that this was within their intent from the start (contrary to what their recruiting message had said on the crossfire forum).

I was not impressed, to say the least. Maybe I've been spoilt by my time in RK (where, most of the time, if someone says they will do something they at least try and do it). I didn't like being treated like a mug. I have taken a note of the organisers online niks and will be rather uncompromising in my opposition to them if I ever bump into them again.

And, as big as cyberland is, it's amazing how karma works...


Anonymous said...

What wowsers

The Lizard

Adelaide Gamer said...

Aye. And within a few hours the new patch arrived, setting up a clan server for scrims etc. Wowsers indeed.

Anonymous said...

We should detup our own clan