Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Crossfire Clan - Blood Bath

I found a new clan on Crossfire which seems a bit more streamlined than the last. Less time spent being nice, more time online combating. Makes sense i guess, their name being 'blood bath'. The bossman of it says that there are now six aussies in it, so maybe we'll get a scrim team together that functions at times useful to me (as the bulk of organised events are framed around Western Hemisphere or European timezones).

I came across it after putting up a forum post enquiring about aussie clans. The thread seems to be drawing a bit of return posting from other anzacs, though they appear to be scattered across the clans. So maybe we can generate a subclan culture with suitable timezones for me?


J said...

I am an aussie and im in BLOOD BATH. My nick is Smoked420. We currently starting to scrimmage on the new clan server more and more these days.

Hope to see you in there. PM me about this post so i know who you are.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I was in a german clan, dunno how that happened but it was a joke, they were hardly on line, not so many spoke english. Been looking for an aussie clan for a while and even thought of starting my own. Cheers I have applied now.

FiReBiRd1991 said...

Got a google account too now.

Anonymous said...

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