Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well. Our wee escapade in Tribal Nations came to a crashing halt when someone complained to the prosecuting authorities of their participation in our roadside sacrifices. The wheels of law moved into gear very quickly and before the following reset Brautigan was charged with Treason and Agapanther with Public Disorder.

I have reproduced in the following two posts the legal cases as they played out in the game over the following days. The cases were discharged as we refunded the victim of (some) of what we took and paid a fine to the province on top of that. I guess we were 'lucky'.

At the moment we are fishing in Tzilacaapan, waiting for the Province election cycle to swing around so that we can take advantage of the couple of days it will take the new Council to put in place a new prosecutor.

A good learning experience.

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