Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Case against Brautigan

Brautigan was charged with the commission of Treason.

The sentence has been passed

Statement of accusation
The defendant has been discharged.
Case settled according to agreement.

Bill of indictment

The Defendant is charged with violating tribe law 3, Robbery.

Yesterday, Chiefed in the company of Layne was robbed while crossing into the border of the Tribe of Yohualtepec. The robbers were Agapanther and Brautigan. This bothers me extremely since these tribe foreigners think they can rob on our 5 way junction and get away with it.

Chiefed was relieved of his money vegetable and beans equaling roughly 657 coppers by market value.

As dictated by tribe law I motion for the full fine of 500 coppers, plus 657 coppers to be considered damages and the maximum allowed jail time for this defendant.

In addition to that I ask that an additional damage charge be brought upon the Defendant since the Victim has already lost 3 strength 1 intelligence and 2 charisma points due to this robbery!

The evidence:

Chiefed will now be called to tell us in his own words what happened.

First defense pleading

Mighty and Wise Law Enforcer, Chiefed speaks the truth. However, to further clarify the situation, I must add what Chiefed didn't witness, the events of the previous night.
Me and Agapanther arrived to the node the day before, for our usual prayers in which we seek the blessing from the Gods (remote places seem appropriated to reach the Gods, thus the node). While we were praying we noticed 2 or 3 men chanting old battle songs (ooc:they were in a group, not a mob), further investigation made us conclude there was a fight there in the night before that (ooc:I had no event, but there was a mob there with 2 guys with o cp each, those guys were not newborns). We assumed we were also in danger and we believe it's the Gods will not let their children die without a fight, so we start chanting battle songs back at them (ooc: disbanded the mob, formed a group and attacked too). The fight was savage and in the middle of the dark night and jungle we seem to have attacked no wrongdoers and innocent people, unintentionally. In the morning, our attackers were gone.
Of course, this is no excuse to injure and relieve hard working people from their goods, but I hope it serves, at least, as an explanation to Chiefed and Layne, who I'm willing to return their goods and compensation for their injuries.
Despite this unintentionally, I did rob them, so I'm guilty.

Law Disciple indictment

Well there you have it. He admits guilt.
He decided to attempt to rob a robber. Which is still robbing, except you also hurt innocent people.

In conclusion you and your friend are charged with giving Chiefed and Layne back what you stole from them and a little extra due to the fact that Chiefed lost some stats today.

You will also pay a tribe fine via the tribe fair of 110 coppers.

You and your friend must contact Tisha and arrange to give the tribe 110 EACH. After you give it to her via tribe fair have her contact me.

Then you two will also come to Cuauhtinchan where Chiefed and Layne are. When the two of you enter Cuauhtinchan I will grant you 1 wood where you shall transfer all the loot to. I expect both of you to have a grant closed to me with my wood and the amount equaling what you stole from them.

Once the items are in a closed grant and in my Clan Hall I shall transfer them to the two victims.

The Judge shall be called, you in you last plea will either accept this and complete the task Tuesday or shall be fined the maximum.

So I want to get a letter from Tisha saying you both bought wood logs 1 at a time that turns out to be 110.

I also want to see you in my clan asap. Layne and Chiefed shall mail me a description of what they lost. I expect those items, cash and 50 copper to be in the grant with my wood.

If I dont receive a mail from Tisha and the closed grants of returned items by Wednesday then the Judge will give maximum sentence.

Last defense pleading

I have concluded my duty with Tisha as I've accepted earlier in the trial. Ive left there 110cp and brought 2 pieces of wood. Im now in Cuauhtinchan struggling with the grant paperwork, hoping to be able to conclude it before the deadline set upon me.

The Law Disciple called Chiefed to the witness corner

His statement:
I was just coming home again from Toliman, knowing that it is "stupid" to travel alone, I asked Layne to accompany me round-trip on my journey.

As Layne and I crested the small hill, near the boarder node, we were set upon by the villians, who had a FC of 10. Layne and I are no match for such strong villians and they pounded us sensless before releaving us of our hard earned coppers, harvests, and travel food. We only wanted to come home and have not had trouble between Toliman and home in the past.

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