Thursday, October 11, 2007

Withorn Taverns RK 13

I am posting the daily actions of my scottish peasant in Renaissance Kingdoms on this page. This will allow me to cogitate a bit more on the role play events and the philosophy of it all in my general posts.

Tavern Talk

The interactivity of Renaissance Kingdoms is felt at its most immediate in the taverns that dot the landscape. My own village of Withorn, population 480, has four such establishments at present. When the town began there was but one, and at one stage there were five.

The Crown of Scotland is run by JuliusOctavius, Mayor of Withorn, Captain of the Royal Scottish Army, Member of the Council of Galloway, husband of Savanna. It is frequented by many of the more public figures around town. I go here if I want to speak to those in power, but would measure any complaints made at risk of being thought seditious.

The Highlander is owned by Ewq, recently released from the County jail after being found guilty of various crimes. I don't often see too many in this place these days, and noted that there was no food available the last time I ventured in. Perhaps the adverse publicity of his trial and imprisonment has caused a major dent in his trade?

The Whistle and Thistle is the Town Hall's tavern. I would prefer to see the all those offial types at The Crown in this pub because then the public coffers would be a bit better provided. Still, they choose not to do this, so The Whistle has a relatively quiet time of it until the present power elite move over.

The Alba Arms is the newest tavern in town, having opened only in the last week. It is run by Muzz, who has been around awhile but is not otherwise a major player in town. More of a solid citizen than a politician. Seems nice enough as a chap, but I think him selling 'corn flakes' on the menu is a bit rich considering the fodder shortage in the county.

The taverns fulfill an important role in the game as they constitute the chat lobbies available to active players in each town and village. Thus, I have four chat lobbies available to me in Withorn. Sooner or later you bump into most active players in the game in the taverns.

A nice touch.

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