Thursday, October 04, 2007

Justifiable Peace - Ogame 14

Those of you who have been keeping track of my tales of online interstellar adventure on the Ogame may be interested to know how The Justified War is going.

The Great Drac commenced a remorseless war of brutal attrition against the homeland of the hated foe. The foe reciprocated the gesture. Drac, overcome with his feeling of self justification, made his calculations and realised that he was almost certain to crush the defences of his opponent before his own suffered too much.

If he could only permanently bring down the defences of his opponent, he could move into the second phase of the campaign, when freighters begin to farm the opponent's world, accompanied by just sufficient warships to guarantee that the opponent will think thrice about trying to intercept the freighters with his own shrunken warfleet.

While fighting The Justified War from his colony planets, The Great Drac cast his mind to the bigger picture. Realising that he needed to increase his resource base to cope with the expenditures of war he surveyed nearby planetary systems. These systems had recently become hostile territory to Drac's raiding fleets, so it wasn't with great hope that he sent out his espionage probes.

They struck gold! A number of relatively rich and undefended planets lay open to his fleets. Chuckling, Drac sent out his raiders from the homeworld, confident in the plunder with which they would return.

This was the theory. In practice it worked out quite differently.

Drac's colonies were each struck by large and dangerous fleets from players many many times more powerful. This wiped the smile off Drac's face, and he resolved to start seeing if he could spread the war afield. Hardly had he so resolved, however, when his homeworld was attacked by yet another luminary of the Ogame universe, seizing the plunder and destroying the fleets which had come in from the recently sent out raids.


Time to make peace with the foe and rebuild the damaged empire. With peace envoys despatched, Drac set about the desperate work of rebuilding his prewar raiding economy before anyone realised that something was seriously amiss in the land of Drac.

Yet, even in these straightened times, an grim smile fixed itself upon The Great Drac's dread visage. For he enjoyed the knowledge that, despite the terrible size of the fleets that had looted his worlds, he had kept his warfleet intact and his defences upto strength. Although he had gone down in points and rank, his opponent had gone down more. Grim satisfaction indeed.

Rank : 1485
Points: 13,839

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Anonymous said...

Today I stumbled upon your Ogame blog (I play in Uni34). It was very entertaining following the adventures of "The Great Drac". I look forward to more updates.