Saturday, October 06, 2007

Axis and Allies - Online Version

For some reason, this post is the one that seems to consistently draw the most googled visitors to my blog. To be fair to the new visitor, I am not a fanatic AAA player, but am interested. If you want to see what I'm up to more recently, click on 'Adelaide Gamer' above and leave a comment on the most recent post - Added June, 2011.

I have come across an online community for playing Axis and Allies. I haven't yet played it, although I have downloaded the files and had a bit of a peek. Will be worth a bit of a closer look.

I think the idea is to first get the hang of the game engine against AI opponent(s) and then go into games against other players online. This can be done either in realtime lobbies or via email. So Broadband isn't necessary to play the game, although the nature of a PBEM game is very different to a virtual FTF one.

Anyway, and if you're interested, here's the link to Triple A. Follow the links on the sourceforge site and then download the zip file. Extract from it with winzip or some such, and then click on the Triple A icon in the folder created by the extraction. Simple.

Looks like fun, but not as much fun as the RL FTF AAA.


Jay Adan said...

A newer option would be to try the brand-new Axis & Allies games at GameTable Online. This licensed edition of the game is based on the 2004 revised edition and has a really active community. You can play against live players or the AI (or a combination of the two). There's even a Facebook version in the works!

Anonymous said...

I've just tried using the Facebook application which I believe is coordinated by Game Table Online, but to no avail.

Michael said...

Check out Battle forces. It's a reimagining of Axis & Allies, but with simultaneous turn resolution, which makes it a faster paced game.