Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Famine, Savanna and the Pig Crisis - RK 9

My peasant pig farmer, existing in the virtual village of Withorn in Renaissance Kingdoms, has been through hard times recently. Shortly after the local mayoral elections (won by JuliusOctavius over the incumbent, Krelian), the economy in the Withorn went belly up.


There was no bread on the market. Indeed, some days I would go there and there wouldn't even be vegetables or meat to eat! Usually, however, there was at least some of the higher priced foods available and, as I was flush after selling produce from my farm, I was able to eat well. Made a nice change from the usual bread.

Eating meat for my strength and vegetables for my charisma, my character developed well through the times of famine. At its worst, however, there was no food available at any price, not even in the taverns. I think that for two days I went and worked for the church so I would at least get a feed (if I hadn't, I would have lost some of my recently gained strength and looks).

I heard that in the newbie areas of Withorn there were many starved and dead level 0 players. Some of our active council members made it a mission to contact survivors and lead them to the the church. I wonder what political message was delivered to these gullible innocents. along with the knowledge of sanctuary?

Savanna solves the pig shortage

Anyway, after the famine there was a dearth of pigs. I tried to find out why and was given various reasons, answers and excuses by various figures around town. Eventually I went and saw the County Sherrif about the problem. To give Savvana her due, she sorted my piglet problem.

The way she did this was pretty cool. She hung around about half an hour, letting me know that was the case, and waited for me to confirm I was active. I was, but was also cooking tea for my (RL) family at the time.

I told her what I was doing (cooking) but that I would check at the farm gate every five minutes or so. On about my fourth visit I came across a pig seller from the town hall and was able to start up my farm again. A little well directed communication certainly went a much longer way than the usual muttled grumblings one can hear at any of the local taverns.

There's a lot going on in this virtual agricultural community. Over time, it really sucks one in. It develops as you develop. I've included links to the official rules and a very helpful guide to the economics of the various livlihoods on my MMPORG Resources page.

Link is under the 'Online Campaigns' section of the blog roll to screen left.

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