Monday, October 29, 2007

View to the future

This is my latest version of my forum 'signature' in rennaissance kingdom forums. I quite like it.
I will post a bit of a summary of the whole thing to this blog sometime soon, but am way too busy doing it at the moment to be writing about it. I am sure that those of you who don't mind my writting will find the wait worthwhile!
I am getting better at finding and using programs (both off and on line) that I need for specific purposes, such as creating the above graphic, and its separate components. I am adding links to some of these online applications as I go, at the moment putting them under 'Renaissance Kingdoms' heading on my MMPORG resource page.
I am still having a break from Ogame. Basically, RK is taking up to much of my waking day for there to be any time to play it!

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