Monday, October 01, 2007

Vengeance! - Ogame 13

It's been awhile since I last blogged my Ogame online space campaign. I have had a couple of 'vacations', each of a couple days in length. The majority of the rest of the time I have been taking it all at a slower pace, both in the frequency of my sitting down and playing the game, and in the speed with which I develop my empire. The first is a function of Real Life, the second is a reflection of the fact that I have built all the cheap and easy builds and research developments. Everything from here in appears to be hard graft.

To liven things up a bit in his overly well run empire, The Great Drac decided to go to war. What else could a budding space opera hero do?

Casting his jaundiced eye across known space, and cross indexing results with past slights made against his eminent self as recorded in his Black Book, the calculating gaze of Drac fell upon the peaceful worlds of his old foe, Sylwek Kalisz.

Sending the record keepers scurrying to the archives to ensure their records were in accord with the vision of their Lord, The Great Drac gathered his fleet commanders and constructed a cunning plan. The record keepers soon rejoined the discussion, reminding those present of the true location of the enemy's homeworld. Knowing this, Drac could see through the foe's attempted disguising of this vital fact by the mere changing of planet names. The plan grew more cunning.

The Justified War continues, or, Drac Returns!

Day 1 - brief espionage probes despatched to various of the identified worlds of the despised one, Sylwek Kaliz.

Day 2 - follow up fleets of probes are sent to those worlds identified as likely having shipping facilities or defences, positively identifying these stongpoints for special attention.

Day 3 - lightly armed fleets sent against those worlds either not defended at all or only lightly so. These raiding fleets are sent from a relatively distant colony of mine which I believe has already been identified by the foe.

Day 4 - the raiding fleets strike unexpectedly, in three cases stripping the planets of their meagre resources.

Day 5 - the fourth raid arrives at the most strongly defended colony belonging to the foe. This fleet contains a capital ship and several cruiser spaceships. It is destroyed by planetary defences. An evil laugh is heard arising from the land of the foe. Drac smiles. The trap has been set.

Day 6 - the foe launches a fleet at the colony of Drac's from which the raiders were sent. With his superior espionage technologies, Drac is aware of this fact. He waits, as the enemy fleet draws ever nearer to his base - and further from its home.

Day 7 - When he feels the enemy has come sufficiently far Drac launches his main warfleets from his naval colony. This is much nearer to his opponent's homeworld than the colony from which his raiders had earlier been sent. Preceded by strong espionage fleets, Drac's armed might strikes his opponent's homeworld and his main defended colony within a couple of minutes of each other.

Day 8 - realising what has happened, the foe recalls his fleet (previously despatched to attack the distant colony from which Drac had sent the initial decoy raiders). All too late! By the time that fleet has arrived back at the foe's homeworld, Drac's main warfleets have been and gone. They reunite as they refuel, joining up with further reinforcements that have meanwhile arrived from Drac's main shipyards on his homeworld (whose location has not yet, we believe, been identified by the foe). With this newly expanded fleet, Drac again attacks the enemy's homeworld.

Day 9 - The entire network of Drac's empire is now feeding his warmachine. The shipyards of the homeworld are producing heavy battleships, the two colonies in the outer galaxy collect resources from their now flourishing economies and despatch them to those same distant shipyards, and the 'frontline' colonies repair their defences, co-ordinate the protection and transportation of the invaluable fuel of war, dueterium, and act as marshaling sites for the fleets that raid the enemy's lands as frequently as time permits.

Day 10 - operating at a higher tempo than his foe, Drac is remorseless in his pursuit of ...

Rank: 1472
Points: 14,086

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