Saturday, March 21, 2009

The plight of power

Only a few more days do I need to hold the position of Steward of Scotland in Renaissance Kingdoms before the National Assembly selects another as per the Constitution. I won't be standing for the position again. Not really my cup of tea. Not so much the job, or the RP potential that goes with it, but the fact one becomes a target for assorted psychpathic souls who populate the renaissance world and troll around for something to do or someone to harrass. Also, my view of the job varies a fair bit from most other 'movers and shakers' in the land.

An army that wants to hunt down the robbers and extrajudicially execute, Judges who want a functioning court, Counts and Dukes who want their own particular County to be 'number one', robbers who demand their rights, travellers who complain as much about an army that is too busy with its own affairs as they do about robbers who own the roads more than they do, clans who wish to rule their own particular towns, mayors who feel they are discriminated against, an Assembly that won't listen, a Speaker of the Assembly who locks me out of the hall, etc etc etc.

All good fun and predictable. I guess I just want to spread the joy. Hopefully I'll get a chance to veto a law before I go. I always wanted to do that.

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