Monday, March 09, 2009

Passed up a game of Squad Leader

In the weekend just passed a gaming buddy looked like being relieved from his childrearing duties. He immediately suggested that he had a +3 mod on being able to have a game of Squad Leader with me. I, however, was feeling rather unwell (have had heavy two weeks at work and a resultant summer 'cold') and dodged (-2) the request for Saturday.

By Sunday, I was feeling better, to the point that suggested to an intermediary that a game of Tigris and Euphrates might be okay, me not being up to the intensity of Squad Leader but keen for a social game.

Didn't happen, in the end. Our LOS diverged from same target and we went our merry ways.


Anyone else out there still get to play the original Squad Leader?

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Scott said...

I haven't played Squad Leader in dozen(s) of years. However, I've played a bit of's sims. A quick search of your blog's archives didn't immediately reveal posts on them so I mention it because their stuff is quite good and eliminates much of the drudgery associated with board wargaming. Besides who can remember 100s of pages of rules when you only get to play every half decade?!